One Shoulder Top Lookbook ( latest fashion trends )

Hi all, as we all know fashion in Delhi is not what you wear but about how you wear. In today’s fashion post I am gonna share my 2 outfit ideas to style in one shoulder top.

Guys believe me in 2017 this One shoulder top has been my favorite as it makes one look simply stylish and elegant. You can style your one shoulder top for an evening party or for a simple shopping hang out with your friends on the same with adding simple accessories to it. Other than one shoulder top, one shoulder dress is also so much in trendy outfits list nowadays that every top clothing store has tons of options for us to choose from plenty of them being available.

With the recent changes in fashion trends in India, we see that more than fashion trends, there are more of fads which stay in trendy outfits list for a short period of time but we are forced to follow them at least once just for the sake of remaining updated with the trends going on. Thankfully, such is not a case with one shoulder top or one shoulder dresses for sure. From top models and Bollywood or Hollywood divas to a simple college going girl, everyone is influenced and obsessed with this trend. Also, actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have pulled off one shoulder gowns very elegantly and gracefully in award ceremonies for 2017.

one shoulder top celebrity look





In this particular look, I have worn a one-shoulder top with the striped print on it and have paired it with dark blue denim, and my must-have accessories and handbag. This one shoulder top is my favorite as it gives a very elegant and graceful yet trendy and stylish look for my outfit of the day ( ootd ). This particular one shoulder top I bought from an online clothing store shein. It is made with choosing the trendy color combination for 2017 and has very stylish and elegant bow to make the top stand out. So, anyone can style this one-shoulder top on any day without thinking twice for a party outing, lunch, or for any hangout plans with staying in trend.




In this 2nd One Shoulder Top look, I wore a ruffled black color one shoulder top with blue denim and minimum accessories to give an elegant and graceful day look.This one shoulder top is not only easy to wear but easy to style too. As black is my favorite color, I can wear any outfit of the black color day in day out. So, basically, I stand true to the quote  ” ILL STOP WEARING BLACK THE DAY, DARKER COLOUR IS MADE”. 

Yes, seriously my wardrobe consists mostly of the black colored outfits and I can bet most of you will relate to me. So, this black color one shoulder top is one of my favorite fashion outfits as I can wear it whenever I want and style it according to any outing whether an office meeting, lunch, dinner or a party. Hence, girls one shoulder is a must have in your wardrobe. So, that whenever any of you have a question of what to wear in your mind, just grab this top and walk on.

In this 22nd century, there is no very particular fashion and style that one needs to follow, one just needs to be his / her self and need to carry themselves with confidence and passion in them.

The true mantra for looking your best be stylish and trendy is to be passionate and confident.



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