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MINISTRY OF BEER : New Trending Restaurant In Connaught Place (CP)

Ministry Of Beer, many of you might be familiar with the name, as it is a new trending restaurant in Connaught place (cp) and is much hyped in the town right now for its interiors, food, and ambiance.Because of its been soo much in talks these days, I just decided to make the second visit to the place and write a full review on it.Yes I have been to the restaurant earlier in this year too but that visit was not a proper one, so I recently made a visit on the Christmas day.

ministry of beer

Yes firstly Merry Christmas guys, I know its a bit too late to wish but with this late post I also bring you with the full review of this new trending restaurant in cp: Ministry Of Beer

The day which I choose to make a visit to this new trending restaurant is very great in itself, the streets of cp on this jingle bell day are flooded with people out there enjoying Merry Christmas with their loved ones.It was soo much crowded that to even enter the restaurant, there was a waiting of 1 hour, but that waiting was worth it. When I entered the restaurant it was all decorated for Christmas and was looking so lovely with a huge crowd, mostly dresses in red and great music that right there only I was in love with the place.Hence, overall the place is just wow in terms of interiors and decoration, the place has been divided into 3 floors and is segregated into many siting sections in such a beautiful way that anyone will fall in love with the interiors of the place.The place where we sat was just like under the stars, that is the restaurant gave a perfect Christmas evening dinner which was under the sky with great food and drinks.

                     new trending restaurant

new trending restaurant




Now heading from the interiors to food of this new trending restaurant, the variety is good enough to choose from and drinks availability is good too.The menu of Ministry Of Beer contains a new dish that is sushi, which is not available in every other restaurant.Hence people who love to try new dishes at any new trending restaurant, must visit here and try sushi.Other than sushi there were also a variety of great food items in modern fusion section to try from.

What I ordered from the large menu dishes available of this new trending restaurant were vegetarian penne arrabbiata pasta, Chettinad paneer tikka, honey chili potato and dum handi biryani in food items. Pasta was perfectly boiled and tasted really good, Chettinad paneer tikka was just yummy, honey chili potato and dum biriyani both were immensely filled with great flavors. Overall the food was great both in terms of variety and taste. Even the presentation of the food was good.Along with food, drinks that we ordered were fruit punch from mocktail section and pina colada from the cocktail section. Pina colada was well made, I mean better than many restaurants I have tried before and fruit punch was good again.


vegetarian penne arrabbiata pasta

pina colada

honey chilli potato              fruit punch honey chilli potato



Hence as there were only two of people to try on from soo much of good food and drinks, we managed to have the above dishes and drinks only. But out of these ones also I can say that it is among the must-visit restaurants in Connaught Place (cp).

Ministry Of Beer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Therefore, overall the restaurant is really a new trending restaurant Connaught Place (cp) to make a visit. So guys just make a plan and enjoy your evening with your loved ones in this new trending restaurant in Connaught place (cp) and have a great day.

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daulat ki chaat

6 Must try winter sweet dishes



Daulat li chaat must be a very new term for I guess a majority of people, but it is one of the must-have winter sweet dishes for each and every one. Daulat ki Chaat is an Indian sweet dish available at every corner of Chandni Chowk. Daulat ki chaat is a magical sweet dish made out of continuous churning of milk and cream.The froth that is formed after churning is served to people with saffron, khoya, and powdered sugar added in it.It is so soft and light that it actually just melts in the mouth, leaving behind a trail of light creamy and sweet texture.It is available for a pretty short period of time, so before it disappears from the market grab, one guys. If anyone of you has ever tasted this magical winter sweet dish, must be knowing that it’s not just the recipe but something more of effort and expertise that ancestors generation had in their hands and is only available at Chandni Chowk in Delhi.So, guys if you haven’t tried this one of the best sweet dishes available out there just plan a trip to Chandni Chowk and have one.

daulat ki chaat winter sweet

daulat ki chaat

2. Gajar ka halwa:
Gajar ka halwa is a very old, famous and most liked winter sweet dish among Indians. For any person living or belonging to Delhi, winters mean gajar ka halwa feast.Basically, it is made by placing the grated carrot in a pot with milk, sugar, ghee, and khoya in that and is made after long hours of cooking and stirring it continuously. After being cooked it is served hot with dry fruits on top of it. As soon as winters arrive, every sweet shop and hallwai shops are loaded with gajar ka halwa, as it is from one of the top favorite winter sweet dishes in India.I know every one of you must have tasted this super Indian winter sweet dish, but if you haven’t just go right now and give yourself a really good sweet treat.

gajar ka halwa


Gajak is a very popular and well-known winter sweet dishes made of jaggery, ghee, sesame seeds and a lot of variety being available with different variations of them. As the winters arrive people just grab on their favourite gajak from the nearby vendors and enjoy cold winters.It is thus in the top list of winter delicacies.


4. Ladoo:
I am damn sure after hearing about ladoo everyone’s mouth must be watering to have one. Every one of you might be very much familiar with ladoo. Ladoo is a very familiar Indian sweet dish available not only in winters but all the 12 months of the year and is loved by everyone too. There are many variants of ladoo like besan, till, atta, methi, gond and many many more. Though available for a whole year, they are most preferred during winters as the dry fruits, ghee, and sugar included in them gives a warm and cozy feeling during winters.

winter sweet dishes

5. Ice Cream:
Yes, you are right, ice cream. Who does not like ice cream in winters, I guess no one. Ice creams are the favorite part to enjoy winters. Recently I just tried a new ice cream shop in Saket and I want to share my experience with you all. The name of the shop from is Fruktville: the shop is very new and the variety of ice creams available there is very wide. Ice creams there are fruit flavored and are made very hygienically. So if you are an ice cream lover during winters, must try fruktvilee ice creams to boost you sweet buds.


ice cream

6.Cakes, Cookies, and Waffles:
 Winters bring with them our very favorite Christmas and new year and with Christmas and new year celebration comes a wide variety of delicious cakes, pastries, and cookies. Without cakes and pastries, Christmas and new year are incomplete, the very famous plum cake is very much loved by people during Christmas. With some years along with pastries cakes and cookies a new variant is also added to the list that is waffles, yes waffles nowadays is among the trending winter sweet dishes list. A large no of waffle shops have in opened in Delhi in quite some time. So just go to a party for Christmas and enjoy winter delicacies too.


christmas cakes

 Thus, out of soo many winter sweet dishes being available in the market, especially during winters, these 6 are a must have as these are being available during this short period of winters only. Therefore, before winter and these famous sweets disappear, treat yourself and enjoy the cold winter days.
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Winter fashion wardrobe essentials 2017-18



With every season being different and so is the fashion and style of every season are different. As we commence to end of the year, fall season finally turns into the winter season and we are forced to dress up with layers to keep us warm and cozy.So, with a change in the season, we need to change our wardrobe essentials too from summer fashion to winter fashion.Here is a list of some must-have winter fashion wardrobe essentials for the year.


BOOTS: Boots in no doubt are the topmost essentials in winter fashion tips and very much every one favorite too. Year after year as winter arrives, we see a whole new range of boots in the market and yes boots do look the best while styling according to winter fashion.There are many kinds of boots being available in the market but the most preferred ones are knee-length boots and ankle boots.Both the ankle length and knee-length boots look great on anyone anytime depending on the purpose and style they are carrying it for.

ANKLE BOOTS: Ankle boots have been in winter fashion for soo long that nothing can replace it, also they look simply stylish and elegant with skirts, dresses or skinny jeans on anyday.

ankle boots

KNEE-LENGTH BOOTS: Knee length boots or over the knee boots are my favorite as the long boots keep anyone soo warm and cozy during cold winter days. Knee length boots go with any and every winter outfit and look so versatile that one can carry them from day to night outings.

knee length boots

Hence, boots of any type are a must have in winter fashion list as any look for winters remain incomplete without it.

COAT: When its really cold outside and you don’t wanna step out of the warm house, one needs to get themselves covered with layers of warm clothes without a doubt, and coats most of the time remain the topmost layer.
there are a variety of coats to style during winters :
CLASSIC WOOL COATS – classic wool coats as the name suggests are old and gold, that is you can carry them anywhere from the day to night, from office to party or shopping.A classic wool coat looks great with a simple pair of denim and of course boots.

PUFFER COATS – Puffer coats whether short or long, heavyweight or a light one, dark colored or a light one, each piece looks great during winters.Hence, besides a good pair of boots, a coat is even more essential and in winter fashion wardrobe essential that one needs to invest in. Its great to have a few options of coats in one’s wardrobe.

winter fashion puffer coat

FAUX FUR COAT: Every year faux fur is somewhere there in fashion but this year it steals the show by remaining the topmost in winter fashion list.So, it’s worth investing in one.

winter fashion faux fur coat

TRENCH COAT: Trench coats though give a very basic and casual look, are a must-have for day outings and remaining simple and stylish through the day.
CASHMERE SWEATERS: Cashmere sweaters are so comfortable and so easy to dress in and out that I can bet they are already present in every girl’s wardrobe.They look soo good with a collared shirt, skinny jeans, and boots that when you have a doubt for what to wear, grab this outfit style.
SKINNY JEANS: Skinny jeans might not be a favorite of everyone out there but are one of the winter fashion essential as they go the best with multiple layers of clothes one wear on the top.

skinny jeans

TURTLENECK TOP: Turtleneck top has been really long in winter fashion outfit list and still remains a position as they keep the neck warm and provides a cozy comfort zone to dress in cold winter days. Also, they look great with jackets, coats, sleeveless dress or a simple pair of jeans.

LEATHER JACKETS: Leather jackets are also one winter fashion wardrobe essential for every year and year as they look great on anybody.Also, leather jackets add a cool and bold look to any outfit.So, its a must to invest in a good leather jacket.
SCARVES: Scarves are in no doubt very important during winters as their countless wrapping styles not only add a style to the outfit but keeps one warm and cozy.Scarves in no doubt a very important winter fashion accessory.

scarves trend for winter season

HATS AND SUNGLASSES: Hats and sunglasses are another not to forget winter fashion essentials. Hats of any style that suits one add a style statement to the outfits and sunglasses are not only essential for summers but are equally crucial to protect our eyes during winters afternoons.

winter season trendy hats

Therefore, with soo many options of winter fashion wardrobe being available to us one can easily style up for wintery days and also keep them warm and cozy.Keeping it simple, warm and stylish is thus the true mantra for winters.

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Masala Trail Restaurant Review Connaught Place

Hello all, welcome to another post of passion treat  Home

Guys we all know that Connaught place is the center of Delhi and also the favorite party hub of Delhiites. As we have commenced to the end of the year, December has already created an atmosphere to hang out with our friends and family in this lovely weather and celebrate pre-Christmas lunches and dinner. With so many restaurant options in Connaught place (cp), it thus becomes easy but yet confusing for us to decide where to go.

So, recently I visited a much talked about vegetarian family restaurant in cp ( Connaught place ) The Masala Trail.It is located at 52 Janpath road, Connaught place, New Delhi, with a price range of 800 for two.

The Masala Trail by Osama Jalali is nowadays one of the trending restaurants in cp offering a wide variety of multiple cuisine food, great interiors, and refreshing atmosphere. It is among one of the must-visit family restaurants.

From their unique and decorative interiors to their wide menu comprising of whole meals of the north Indian menu, south Indian menu, west India menu and east Indian menu to the beverages, everything is perfect. Along with their own menu, there is also a keventers milkshake counter in there to add on to the trending things liked by Delhiites nowadays.

I recently visited The Masala Trail restaurant with my family after a long shopping day. When I entered in there I found the sitting to be cozy and ethnically decorated, just after entering on both the left and right corner, there were small counters of sweets and gol gappas to attract the customer. As I got seated what attracted my eyes the most was the keventers counter right at the front of the entry, I found it a really good trick to attract customers.

Now coming to the food that we ordered, we started from tower chaat and cocktail fried idli for the starters, both tower chaat, and cocktail fried idlis were fusion food items which looked good and tasted even better. Tower chaat was a fusion version of typical papdi chaat but tasted far better than that. Whereas Fried mini idles consisted of mini fried idlis with 2 types of chutneys, it overall tasted good and though fried felt really light. For accomplishing drinks, we ordered tea, basic cold drink, and a strawberry keventers milkshake.

theme based interiors
the masala trail restaurant review

fusion food in delhi

Now heading towards the main course, we ordered 1 item from all four cuisines available the that is Tawa pulao from the west main course, Ghar ki thali from north Indian menu, Ginni dosa from the southern main course and Hakka noodles from the eastern main course. All four cuisine dishes were extremely delicious and were presented in a very impressive way. What I liked the most was the presentation that food was made in a healthy way, was filled with all kinds of flavors and was mouth watering too. Now, commencing towards the end of a great meal day, all this food was so filling that there was no space left for a sweet dish, but as no meal is complete without a sweet dish, we ordered gulab jamun. Gulab jamun is a typical Indian sweet dish but on the masala trail, it didn’t felt like that as it was too soft and spongy. Though according to my personal taste it was a bit too sweet but was soo soft that it melted in our mouths.

vegetarian restaurant

indian sweet dish

Overall, the restaurant is trending, great in terms of food variety, presentation and taste. In my overall review and experience, I think its a must visit by any of you with your friends and family any day without thinking twice.

The Masala Trail Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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