summer milkshake recipe

Super Delicious And Easy To Make Summer Milkshake Recipe

Super Delicious And Easy To Make Summer Milkshake Recipe

As summers arrive we all tend to drink more than what we eat. So when we drink more in summers, which is definitely a healthy choice, we should drink healthy too. To start one’s day with a very healthy and super yummy milkshake, here are 4 quick and easy to make summer milkshake recipe anyone can opt on.


A  blueberry shake is really simple to make as you just need 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup full cream milk, a hand full of fresh berries and few ice cubes if you need them.

After taking all ingredients place them in a jar and blend together. After that serve cold in a glass.

You can buy Rostaa blueberries stand up pouch from here:

Blueberry milkshake is thus one the best summer milkshake recipe to try at home and give oneself a refreshing treat.

blueberry shake


Strawberry milkshake is another very delicious, healthy and easy to make summer milkshake recipe that anyone can opt for a kickstart day.

For strawberry summer milkshake recipe, take 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, a hand full of fresh strawberries cut into pieces, 2 tbsp of sugar, 1 cup almond milk, and few ice cubes.

For this strawberry milkshake, one can also use gourmia dried strawberry.

After taking all ingredients, mix them together in a blender until a thick pink shake is ready in front of you. After the shake is ready, serve cold in a glass and enjoy summers.


summer milkshake recipe


Oreo shake is not only very popular these days but is also a new refreshing flavor to be added to summer milkshake recipe list.

To make super yummy and easy oreo shake, take 5 oreo and cut them into pieces, then take 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup almond milk, 1tbsp sugar and few ice cubes according to taste.

After taking all the ingredients, mix them properly in a blender until no pieces are visible.

Then serve cold.

This oreo shake recipe is easy real quick to make and chill in summers.

summer milkshake recipe


With many new shakes being introduced in the market nowadays, the very old and loved shake that is chocolate shake has taken a back seat nowadays.But believe me guys, nothing is better than a creamy and chocolaty shake on any day, especially if one is the chocolate lover.

To make everyone’s favorite chocolate milkshake, take 2 scoops chocolate ice cream, 1 large dairy milk grated, 1 tbsp Hershey chocolate syrup, 1 cup almond milkshake, 1 tbsp sugar and few ice cubes.

Now blend all these chocolaty ingredients in a blender and serve cold.

All these above summer milkshake recipe can be made even more healthy by adding 1 cup of plain yogurt instead of ice cream.

I even recommend having super healthy smoothies for breakfast for fitness and even non-fitness freaks.

summer milkshake recipe


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places to visit in Singapore

Places To Visit In Singapore For Tourist

 Places To Visit In Singapore For Tourist

Singapore being one of top international holiday destination for people is an island city-state off southern Malaysia, which is also a global financial center with great tropical climatic conditions and diverse population.It offers many places to visit in Singapore for Tourist and for local crowd both.

Singapore is a great city to visit for a holiday as it has many good places to visit in Singapore for sightseeing and mesmerizing the city. One best thing to look around in Singapore is its public transportation system.It offers many places to visit in Singapore for the tourist ranging between a wide choice to shop from high-end shopping malls to cheap shopping markets too.Though offering wide places to shop and roam around, I find Singapore a bit costly in terms of shopping and food (especially if one is vegetarian like me).

places to visit in Singapore

Top 10 best places to visit in Singapore for tourist are :
1. Singapore Night safari: Singapore night safari takes one in between of the jungles and lets one experience the in jungle walk with all kinds of also have a show that makes one laugh and enjoy. The night safari is thus the world’s first nocturnal zoo situated in Singapore, making it the most popular attraction among the tourist visiting Singapore.the night show held on the night safari is the main highlight as the 20-minute long live show makes one have a great gala time watching the animals perform their activities. in night safari one has 2 options to enjoy the open wildlife experience: 1] by taking the walking trail 2] by taking the tram in which there is a guide taking visitors around the safari showing all animals in there along with their age and specialties in the zoo. Hence it is an experience to do once in a lifetime.

singapore night safari

2. Flyer:  Singapore Flyer is the largest observation wheel in Asia offering a 360-degree panoramic view. singapore flyer is at a height of 165 meters from the ground is almost as tall as 42 storied building.seeing Singapore from top of the flyer is one kind of an experience not to be missed.

singapore flyer


3. SENTOSA: Sentosa, as the name says, is a complete fun-filled island resort in Singapore. The Sentosa island is the most popular attraction among the tourist.the island is connected to Singapore city via road, cable car, monorail, and pedestrian boardwalk too.Sentosa island is an island having all fun-filled activities to enjoy the complete day in itself there. The island consists of a very thrilling sea aquarium walk, many 4d movie options, volleyball, madam tussah wax museum, and many many more. yes, trust me a day is just not enough to enjoy complete attractions of senates island. the activities are spread all over the island where tourist can travel through very beautiful monorails. at night a show named wings of time is also performed which just makes one wonder how beautiful music water and lights can be. other than all these fun-filled entertainment and activities, one can also enjoy the casino time in there with plenty of game options to play on.


4. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: we all are familiar with universal studios and especially the ride lovers, yes it a fantastic place for the ride lovers. universal studios are also located on Santosa island. universal studios Singapore consists of 24 thrilling rides entitle that are segmented into seven different themed zones.the seven themed zones in there are: Hollywood, sci-fi city, new york, the lost world, far far away, Madagascar, and ancient Egypt. all the 7 themed zones are beautifully designed and the rides are just wow. If one wants to have an unforgettable family day out then it is the best place to visit and shout the heart out at the amazing roller coasters. The universal studios not only have rides to entertain people but also have many food restaurants to enjoy the food and shopping places too.


universal studios singaporetravel places in singapore

things to do in singapore

tourist places singapore

universal studios

5. MARINA BAY : marina bay is one of the most beautiful places in Singapore located in the central area of Singapore, attracting not even tourist but even the people living in Singapore to mercerise its beauty especially at is not only one of the most beautiful place in Singapore but also the main business , finance and community activities hub in Singapore. the bay have beautiful architectural pieces to look at . marina bay thus also have many luxurious hotels restaurants and places to have a great relaxing time out there with one’s family.

marina bay singapore

6. MERLION PARK: Merlion park is a well known by all landmark of Singapore city. The merlon is basically a majestic creature having half head body of a lion and the other half body of a fish. Visiting Singapore is also similar to visiting merlon park.It is thus the top from places to visit in Singapore.

7. JURONG BIRD PARK: Jurong bird park is another one of the best places to visit in Singapore offering a great attraction to mind and soul while enjoying the bird hierarchy.

8 SEA AQUARIUM / UNDERWATER WORLD: sea aquarium is an experience to be felt by one in itself, seeing different fishes of all kind under one water is just so mesmerizing that even remembering that view gives me goosebumps and burgers me to visit that heavenly place again. It is a must visit if you visit Singapore and Sentosa.

sea aquarium singapore

underwater sea world singapore

9. LITTLE INDIA: Little India in Singapore is a well-known place where one can buy and see all Indian shops and all Indian food restaurants too. anyone like me who only eats veg must visit little India, as that’s the only place where one can have Indian veg food. one can experience the all Indian vibes at this place, as it consists of all Indian type colorful shops and desi Indian food restaurants too. Hence whether one want to shop, eat veg or roam around must visit here.Little India also consists of Hindu temples in there, thus representing Indian community in Singapore.

little india singapore

10. BUGIS MARKET/BUGIS STREET: Bugis street is a very big famous street market in Singapore well known for cheap stuff to buy from.

Bugis market singapore


12. ORCHID ROAD: orchard road is a long road where there are many many malls having almost each and every brand to shop from. orchard road thus is the main shopping hub of the Singapore having plenty of malls like ion orchard, orchard plaza, lucky plaza, orchard central and many more to shop from. Not only malls but the orchard road are also well loaded with great cafes, restaurants, and clubs to have a great day spent there.orchard road in thus consisted of 22 malls and 6 departmental stores in total.One can thus simply get the best of both worlds in this place.

orchard road singapore


13. MUSTAFA CENTRE: Mustafa center is again a really big shopping center where one can find anything. from a simple pin to big branded things the Mustafa center consists of it all. mustafa center even consists of Haldiram anBikaner special thing about Mustafa center is that it is 24 hours open, hence one can sightsee around in the day and shop at night.

mustafa centre singapore

14. SINGAPORE ZOO: Singapore Zoo which is also known as Singapore zoological gardens occupy a pretty wide area and have around 300 animals of different species to wonder at in it.


 The above-mentioned places are some of the best places to visit in Singapore for tourist and are being mentioned on my experience during my visit.

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