Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore

Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore : (food in Singapore)

Singapore is a tourist place having approximately 75% of its population of Chinese descent, approx 13% of Malay descent, approx 9% of Indian descent and 4 %others, have mainly non-vegetarian food items in restaurants. Hence many Indian tourists like me find it really difficult to find vegetarian Indian food to eat. but in this article, I am gonna make it easy for future Singapore tourist to find the best tasted Indian vegetarian restaurant In Singapore.

The best Indian vegetarian restaurants can definitely be found in little India only :
some of the popular best tasted Indian vegetarian restaurant  Singapore  LITTLE INDIA are :

1) Shiv Sagar:

Having outlets in many cities and the first country it opened it was Mumbai, shiv sagar is the very old and famous multicuisine pure vegetarian restaurant that can be found by one easily in Singapore at 52 race course rd Singapore. The taste of food in there is just mouth watering, especially if you only eat veg and have already found it difficult to eat in Singapore. When I went there I ordered papdi chaat which was just like it was made in India, then was pav bhaji which was ok, Hakka noodles which made me cry having noodles after so long, dal makhani and roti, and not to forget the very necessary dosa. After all this, we ordered brownie which acted as the cherry on the top of very delicious Indian vegetarian food in Singapore. Hence if you are craving for good Indian vegetarian food in Singapore then shiv sage is a must visit in there.

one can track shiv star in Singapore on this link

2) Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant:

next comes the Gokul vegetarian restaurant in Singapore at 19 upper Dickson road. gokul restaurant thus being located at little India offers a great variety and taste in Indian vegetarian food.

3) MTR:

MTR is another well-known restaurant at 438 Serangoon road offering the great Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. If you ask anyone for Indian Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore, one will definitely say MTR.

4) Kailash Parbat restaurant:

Kailash part restaurant is an authentic Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, where one can find every possible Indian special dish in there that too at a pocket-friendly price. Thus it is a must visit an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore if one is missing Indian food and aroma.

5) Ananda Bhavan restaurant:

Ananda Bhavan restaurant is the oldest and the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. it is located at 95 Syed awl road and having many more outlets too within Singapore.

6) Komalas villas restaurant:

komalas is another Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore having great ambiance and offering great Indian food at a reasonable price.

7) Saravana Bhavana:

we all are familiar with Saravana Bhavan restaurant and its very famous south Indian food in Delhi. one can find this famous vegetarian restaurant in Singapore too and satisfy their hunger for good south Indian food.

8) Punjabi  grill:

The Punjabi grill is one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore located at very posh area galleria level, the shops at marina bay has food items from Peshawar, Kabul, Lahore, Amritsar and many different cultural dishes in the menu. Hence this restaurant is highly recommended for anyone and everyone especially if one is a Punjabi food lover. Trust me this restaurant won’t disappoint you.

I hope these post help vegetarians and tourists in Singapore.

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champa gali

Champa Gali : New found street in Saket


Champa Gali, yes you heard it right.This newly found street Champa Gali is an as interesting place to explore in Saket as its name.

Champa Gali though just being a street in the Gali of Khasra, Westend Marg Saket, which is only a few months old, is now becoming a new trending place to hang out for people with friends and family.

Champa Gali is a long street in Saket decorated in a very new fancy and unique way to attract visitors, offering one to enjoy coffee and shopping at various shops opened in there.
Though the street looks best at night, it’s worth visiting in a day too.

champa gali

Location: It is actually located at Khasra 258, lane 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket, and takes one to walk on the street for few steps to reach there.So, don’t get confused, if you enter the lane and finds nothing. All one needs to do is walk straight until the end of the street and turn right. Exactly on the right one can see the entrance.


Some of the cafes and stores opened at Champa Gali are :


Many must have listened about Jug Mug Thela. This much talked about the cafe is there on the street, offering one a very cool sitting area to chill in a good weather under the decorated lights along with delicious eatery stuff to try on.Jug Mug Thela offers two sitting options to its customers, one in front of the cafe and the other in the backyard.One can definitely try on some great coffee and tea at Jug Mug Thela cafe.

Champa Gali

jug mug thela

jug mug thela

Jugmug Thela Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Blue Tokai cafe is the very first cafe, one comes across after entering Champa Gali. Blue Tokai cafe too offers one with a great sitting area and awesome menu.

blue toque cafe champa gali


Morello,s cafe is yet another cool cafe inside the street.MORELLO’S CAFE is the most famous for its variety of delicious shakes available in there.

champa gali saket



Jugaad being a Non-Profit Organisation is a handicraft shop offering some cool stuff to buy for handicraft lovers.

champa gali


People tree is a studio in Champa Gali offering block printed clothing, antique jewelry, skin care, khadi material, homemade products and much more to look at.

Hence, Champa Gali is a must visit by anyone who loves to explore new places and enjoy the offerings of the place.


If anyone has been to Champa Gali, please share your experience too right there in the comments section.

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how to make macaroni

How To Make Macaroni

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Macaroni

Macaroni is one of the favorite snacks of all can be made in many ways according to one’s taste.
Here is the step by step guide on how to make macaroni. How to make macaroni at home is the very first and tough question when one urges the craving to have macaroni. So, here is a simple how to make macaroni recipe.

Easy to make a step by step guide on how to make macaroni at home :

In the very first step on how to make macaroni, take 100 gm of unboiled macaroni and keep it to boil in a pan with 1tbsp salt, 1 tbsp oil so that macaroni doesn’t stick and water as shown below.

how to make macaroni


Let the macaroni boil and till then, cut all the vegetable that you like to put in macaroni. Here I am cutting one capsicum and 1 large onion for this recipe. One can add carrots, beans, tomato or even no vegetable in the macaroni according to one’s own taste.

how to make macaroni

STEP 3 :
After all the vegetables are being cut, put the chopped vegetables in another frying pan and add 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp chili sauce/ normal ketchup, 2 tbsp vinegar and 1/2 tbsp soya sauce, 1 packet chili flakes and oregano (if you have any).
After adding all the above ingredients, put 2 tbsp water on the vegetable and cover with a lid until the vegetables are cooked.

how to make macaroni

STEP 4 :
Now see if the macaroni is boiled. If boiled take the boiled macaroni of the fire and drain the water from boiled macaroni. Now wash the boiled macaroni under the tap with cold water and keep aside.Make sure that the macaroni is properly boiled and is not sticky.

how to make macaroni

how to make macaroni

STEP 5 :
After completing the step to boil macaroni properly, check if the vegetables are cooked. Once cooked, add the boiled macaroni into the cooked vegetable mixture and mix well. After mixing, cover the macaroni with lid again for 1-2 minutes, so that the favors totally get absorbed with each other.

how to make macaroni

STEP 6 :
Now serve the hot macaroni in a bowl and enjoy. One can also sprinkle grated cheese above this macaroni, according to taste.

how to make macaroni

TIP: one can replace the macaroni with own choice pasta to make macaroni style pasta while following the same steps of how to make macaroni.

how to make macaroni

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Singapore shopping guide

Singapore Shopping Guide For Tourist


Though Singapore is a tiny island, it is one of the favorite destinations for tourist.
Along with offering many places to visit in Singapore for tourist, Singapore is also a one-stop shopping destination too.

Thus this post on Singapore shopping guide will tell about the places in Singapore to shop from, making one’s shopping easy and convenient.
Singapore is filled with amazing places to shop at whether one wants the branded high niche stuff or the local eye-catching stuff, both are available to shop at Singapore.Hence in this post of Singapore shopping guide, a complete list of various shopping stops at Singapore are provided.

Singapore shopping guide

Places to shop in Singapore shopping guide for tourist are :

Orchard Road:

Orchard road is in itself a long stretched road consisting of many shopping malls like Knightsbridge mall, ion orchard, orchard central, Paragon and many more.all these malls have everything available spread over this orchard road to shop from.Hence, Orchard Road is the best-stretched road in Singapore to shop from, as everything is available in there and especially if one is looking for good branded stuff.Orchard road thus is in itself a complete Singapore shopping guide.


Singapore shopping guide


Vivo city:

Vivo being the largest and the best mall in Singapore.It is the highlight to for shopping places in Singapore shopping guide. The mall contains almost every possible brand for shopping of clothing, accessories, books, home decor or any other spread over the seven amazing levels.

Buggies street:

Buggies street in no doubt is the highlight for shopping places in Singapore shopping guide to tourist as it offers cheapest things to buy for even near and dear ones. Buggies street is a happening street offering all trendy stuff one needs at a cheap price to shop from. So if one is looking places to shop for a gift and even self-purpose shopping, must visit buggies Street.Buggies street provides one with all trendy and new stuff to shop from along with great food shops.

Singapore shopping guide

Singapore shopping guide

Mustafa Centre:

Mustafa center is the well-known one in all shopping complex in Singapore shopping guide opened 24-7.Mustafa center provides all day in and out service for its customers.It is the best place to shop for daily needs to branded stuff.Whether one needs grocery products or a branded bag, one can visit Mustafa center anytime without thinking twice.Hence Mustafa center is an all in one shopping complex of Singapore.

Singapore shopping guide


Little India in Singapore, as the name suggests is a miniature of what India is like having all Indian restaurants to have food and all small shops consisting of Indian stuff. Little India, is thus the most vibrant colorful place in Singapore, where one feels like they are India only. One can find the colorful bangles, clothes, and shopping stuff from India.During Deepavali time, Little India looks and feels the most beautiful, thus making it to the Singapore shopping guide.

Singapore shopping guide


Raffles City Shopping Centre:

The Raffles City Shopping Centre is another shopping attraction in Singapore shopping guide list located at the center of a civil district in Singapore, offering high-end shopping brands and dining areas to enjoy it.


Lucky Plaza Shopping Area Singapore:

Lucky Plaza though located at Orchard Road Singapore only, is a mall with low facilities and small shops. Though the shops in there are compact, one can visit Lucky Plaza for a budget shopping. Lucky Plaza offers the branded original perfumes at the best price in Singapore. Other than perfumes at the best price, one can also find good clothing, cosmetic, accessory and gifting stuff at a good price in Lucky Plaza.

Singapore shopping guide

IMM OUTLET MALL in Singapore:

The IMM outlet mall occupies the largest space of IMM building offering good shopping stuff spread over 5 levels to shop from.The mall consists of good fashion brands to shop at like – Hush Puppies, Furla, Puma, Nike and many more. It is thus a good option to shop at IMM outlet mall.

I hope this post provides one with a complete Singapore shopping guide, thus making traveling and shopping in Singapore easy.To know about places to visit in Singapore, visit here: Places To Visit In Singapore For Tourist

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