Surprising Facts About Fast Food Chains That One Didn’t Know About Earlier

Surprising Facts About Fast Food Chains That One Didn’t Know About Earlier

Before commencing for something else regarding fast food chains, one first needs to know what fast food really is. So fast food basically refers to the food that is pre-prepared in larger quantities to be served quickly on the order made by the customer.

Since fast food is made a long time before the order is being placed by the customer, the food is real less nutritional and healthy than that of any other food.

However fast food chains were typically introduced to help people get food on their drive through way to save time. In spite of the fact that these fast food chains provide low nourishment and less healthy food, fast food chains are the life of 20 Th. century generation people.

In the United States, it was on 7 July 1912 that the first fast food restaurant was opened and was successful in making a buzz and sensation among the people.

Hence, rather than the typical talks about fast food chains, and people’s love for fast food, here in this article are some interesting facts about fast food that one needs to know :


now whenever we think about fast food, the first thing that comes to our minds are McDonald’s, burger king, subway, Wendy, KFC and, any more trending fas food restaurants trending nowadays.

  • Out of all the popular fast food chains and restaurants, McDonald’s is the oldest being founded by 2 brothers Dick and Mac in the 1940s and was turned into a franchise in 1950s by a milkshake machine salesman Ray Kroc.
  • Ordering a medium is that of ordering a large / when ordering for a medium, you are getting the quantity that of the large.

It is a fact with which all fast food chains have agreed upon that their sizes and quantity they provide are very different from one another especially in case of aerated drinks and other beverages. That is if one is making an order for a medium drink, they are getting the quantity that of large only.

So be wise enough when one is placing their order next time.

  • Some salad options at restaurants have more calories than that of other fast food options.
  • fast food ads can make one overeat

Just as cigarette banners make people have one, fast food has the same impact on foodies. seeing a fast food ad or banner can make one feel hungry even if they are not.

  • a large percentage of people eat McDonalds FOOD every day.

Of all the world’s population, atheist 1% people eat From McDonald’s every day.

  • whenever one is ordering egg McMuffin at McDonald’s, they getting it made from real eggs. yes McDonald,s make use of real eggs for their egg McMuffin.

  • Four out of five youngsters know about the Mcdonald’s logo when they are just three years of age, which is before some of them even know their own names. Isn’t that interesting!
  • More than 1 billion pizzas are conveyed in the United States each year. And even more, pizzas are conveyed on Super Bowl Sunday than on some other day of the year.
  • According to the International Ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. Chocolate Chip Mint and Cookies and Cream were the next most popular flavors.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post on fun and true facts about fast food chains.

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Cool and Trending Must Have Office Outfits For This Season

Dressing for the workplace in burning temperatures can end up being a remarkable test. To explore the dubious principles of summer office outfits, get motivated by these chic office-suitable outfit thoughts from the form set.

Whether one is starting off with an all-new first job or one is already engaged in 9 to5 tasks, each one needs to look refreshed and great for each day.

And yes its truly said dress for what you want to be. So all working women need to look the best because they deserve that.

A few mornings (specifically Mondays) we can’t resist the urge to ask ourselves: Does getting dressed for work ever get any simpler? All things considered, make that: Does getting dressed for work ever get less exhausting?

For a long time, it’s anything but difficult to fall into the routine of going after similar office outfits like pants, shirts, and move dresses. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t need to subject yourself to a similar three-piece pivot. Why? Since huge amounts of current patterns loan themselves to your office outfits standard, which implies you never again need to isolate your wardrobe between things you can wear to work and things saved for the end of the week.

Ahead, you’ll discover covering patterns ensured to influence office outfits dressing for a 9-to-5 to feel like a leisure activity rather than an errand. From pieces decked out in unsettles to additional splendid hues, you’re going to begin taking a gander at your storeroom in a radically new light.

So, below are some of must-have trending office outfits, which one easily buy from Amazon from the link below :

1.  Ruffles :

ruffles are so in fashion nowadays that they can make any style even more elegant. any outfit with ruffles, like shirts dresses or more, can make one comfortable and stylish all throughout the day.

2. Pencil Skirts :

Pencil skirts are the best of all office outfits which make one look elegant and smart enough all day long. Pencil skirts for office outfits are no new but are in fashion since years will continue.

3. Trousers :

Trousers are everyone’s favorite for office outfits, isn’t it? But nowadays there is so much variety of trousers which one can choose for their new office look.


4. Checks and Solids :

When one needs to make an impression in the workplace, one should definitely opt for an office outfit with checks or solid colors.

5. Blazers :

Blazers are the best friend for office outfits list, blazers can even make an informal dress look great for work. Blazers are thus a must have for every women’s office outfits list.



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restaurants in Shimla

Must Visit Restaurants In Shimla

Must Visit Restaurants in Shimla

Shimla being the capital and the largest city of Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful hill station to visit in vacations. Shimla is not just a hill station with clouds all around but is also a place that is known for great snow-topped mountains, rich green vegetation cover, lakes with perfectly clear water, calming and quiet atmosphere, mysterious climate, and a great nearby culture.

Hence, Shimla is the best place to escape and enjoy the cool weather, clouds all around, peacefulness and local food of the place.

Once one visit this lovely hill station, one can revive their soul in nature’s beauty, enjoy the local sightseeing like Kufri, wax museum, jako temple, and even the sports activities like paragliding, trekking, rock climbing and many more.

The best thing about Shimla is also the local eats like maggie momos and the wending machine ice cream. Believe me, there is no competition for the hill station’s ice cream and momos, they are the best.

Besides local eats, there are also many restaurants in Shimla to enjoy the food and weather.

One of the restaurants in Shimla which is a must is Cafe Shimla Times.


restaurants in Shimla

restaurants in Shimla

Cafe Shimla times is located on the mall road is adjacent to hotel willow bank.

The restaurant has a great ambiance, provides both open and covered sitting area, live drinks area and awesome live music nights.

restaurants in Shimla

restaurants in Shimla

What more can one ask for from a cafe in Shimla, under the sky?

The liveliness, ambiance, and the food is what makes cafe Shimla times a must visit restaurants in Shimla. The cafe offers live music performances which make one groove to the beats of the song and cherish ourselves.


Coming to the food of the restaurant, the variety of food and drinks on the menu are great ranging from veg and non north Indian cuisine, continental and Italian.

Also, the restaurant is accurately priced with rs.1400 for two.

When I visited there with a friend, we ordered spicy veggie exotic pizza and kadhai style paneer in food items. The pizza was perfectly made and tasted great. whereas kadhai style paneer dish was presented in a very impressive way and was served in late paratha, dal makhani and salad, making it a complete dinner dish for one. I found the food and taste really good.

restaurants in Shimla


restaurants in Shimla


restaurants in Shimla


Other than food, in drinks, we ordered Pina colada and blue lagoon, which get along perfect with weather of Shimla.

Located in between the clouds, with great interiors and alluring atmosphere, the cafe is just perfect to spend an evening in Shimla in this one of the best restaurants in Shimla: cafe Shimla times. Hence the overall experience of cafe Shimla times was great and is one of the must-visit restaurants in Shimla for anyone heading there.



Cafe Simla Times Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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restaurants in cp

Restaurants In Cp That Are Worth Visiting

Restaurants In Cp


flyp@mtv one of the best and most talked about restaurants in cp is not just like every other restaurants in cp.

With a unique idea, great ambiance MTV’s FLYP is a bistro which offers diversion and great music, as well as takes the affection for music by providing a stage for all to feature and advance their ability. It is a bistro that goes from being a collaborating space to a nightlife hotspot and excels in every aspect of being the best.
The restaurant is designed in a great way, making the most of the space, providing an open sitting area, free wifi to coworking people and a lively atmosphere.
Also, the cost for two of the restaurant is only rs 1400 which is great when compared with any other restaurants in cp.
The restaurant excels in all areas from providing great ambiance, good food, awesome drinks and the best music. Hence, is one the best restaurants in cp.

restaurants in cp

restaurants in cp
The menu of the restaurant ranges from north Indian, Italian to continental dishes and obviously a whole range of drinks.
Curated by Chef Ranveer Brar, the menu here offers the absolute most tasty joys and couples them with idiosyncratic names for impact. A fun beverages menu additionally props you up during that time {and night} and when assembled, they make a burst of flavors that are simply out of this world.

When I visited these much-hyped restaurants in cp with a couple of friends, we ordered pao bhaji fondue, chipotle paneer tikka, veg tandoori momos and my personal favorite veg quesadilla.
All the dishes were presented in a great way and tasted wow. The food just made me feel in love with the place.

restaurants in cp


restaurants in cp

In drinks, we ordered coffee connect, sufiyana dill and kamikaze shots.
The cocktails were made perfectly especially coffee connect was a very new cocktail having an accurate blend of vodka, cold brew coffee, and orange.

restaurants in cp

restaurants in cp

restaurants in cp
Hence, the restaurant is perfect to visit any day for work, party or a hangout. Also is one of the best among all the restaurants in cp.

FLYP@MTV Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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cafes in east Delhi

Best Cafes In Delhi

Best Cafes in Delhi


Cafe wink being located at G-1, Sikka Galaxy, Near Dav Public School, shreshtha vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092 is from one of the new trending best cafes in Delhi.

Best Cafes in Delhi contain a long list which I will be covering in the blog later. But for now here is a review for cafe wink which is definitely from one of the must-visit best cafes in Delhi.

Cafe wink though is not located at any prime location, is still able to attract a lot of customers on daily basis.
Cafe wink is a cafe with great ambiance, awesome food, cozy and lovely aroma and with great service. The best thing that I liked about cafe wink its location. Yes, unlike other cafes, cafe wink is located in shreshtha vihar at a very peaceful place. Peaceful location and liveliness of the cafe is what the cafe is best for.

best cafes in Delhi


Coming to the main thing for which one loves a cafe is a variety in the menu and the taste of food. So, the menu of the restaurant is definitely very cool consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks, appetizers, mains and every possible dish from Italian cuisine.
Other than Italian cuisine dishes, the cafe serves awesome shakes, hot beverages, and cafes in Delhi


I recently visited this must hype best cafes in Delhi: cafe wink with a couple of friends. Believe me, on the very first look I was in love with the location and the ambiance of the cafe. There we ordered banana caramel shake, cucumber iced tea and hazelnut latte in drinks. All the drinks were one each from the three sections of the menu and all were great and absolutely mood enhancing. Yes, they were mood enhancing, as food definitely is a therapy ( hehe ) isn’t it?

best cafes in Delhi

best cafes in Delhi

From food menu, we ordered tomato basil bruschetta, bbq chicken bruschetta, penne arrabbiata pasta and bbq tikka. All the food items were presented in a presentable way and were very freshly made with perfect taste. But still, according to me bruschetta and the drinks stole the show.

best cafes in Delhi

best cafes in Delhi

best cafes in Delhi

Hence, overall the restaurant is a must visit from anyone’s best cafes in Delhi bucket list.

Cafe Wink Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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