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Shammi kabab basically being a non-vegetarian dish, is a popular authentic Awadhi dish. But for vegetarian recipes lover and foodies, the Shammi kabab is given a vegetarian taste and look by making it with kala chana.

Thus veg Shammi kabab is now the best vegetarian recipes to make as snacks for the food lovers. Veg Shammi kabab goes well with tea and evening snacks for the whole family.

Black chickpeas, which are traditionally known as Kala chana are the principle fixing here and it is brimming with protein, so these vegetarian recipes Shami kabab formula is an incredible bite not just for adults, also for children and babies. Aside from chickpeas, gram flour is utilized and this makes the kabab extremely firm and tasty.this vegan Shami kabab contains onion, grated ginger and so forth and every one of these adds to the taste. Forming these cutlets can be a bit tricky, as we don’t utilize potato or bread morsels here and the pounded chickpeas dry fast, so you may need to blend and shape the kababs when the blend is still hot, but you can wear them later on the off chance that you wish.

This is thus phenomenal vegetarian recipes top favorite snack, one can serve on any event and this is an awesome healthy after school nibble as well.

So without wasting time, let’s start with the step by step guide on how to make veg Shammi kabab recipe :


The very first step in to soak kala chana / black chickpeas in water for approximately 7-8 hours.


After the kala chana / black chickpeas are properly soaked in water, pressure cooks them for 8-10 whistles, so that they are cooked completely.


Now since the kala chana is completely boiled, take a bowl and mash the kala chana and add gram flour, salt, Mirchi, garam masala, dhania, and 2 tbsp olive oil to it.


Keep mashing the mixture until its even and smooth. One can also add small pieces of onion in the mixture, as per personal taste and preference.


Now heat oil in a pan to slightly fry the Shami Kabab.

Make round and flat balls of the dough made and place them in the pan.


Once the kabab turn slightly golden brown, remove them and serve hot with sauces of preference.

vegetarian recipes

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I hope this article helps veg Shammi kabab lovers make these favorite vegetarian recipes at home. Please share your experience in the comments section too.




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