Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore

Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore : (food in Singapore)

Singapore is a tourist place having approximately 75% of its population of Chinese descent, approx 13% of Malay descent, approx 9% of Indian descent and 4 %others, have mainly non-vegetarian food items in restaurants. Hence many Indian tourists like me find it really difficult to find vegetarian Indian food to eat. but in this article, I am gonna make it easy for future Singapore tourist to find the best tasted Indian vegetarian restaurant In Singapore.

The best Indian vegetarian restaurants can definitely be found in little India only :
some of the popular best tasted Indian vegetarian restaurant  Singapore  LITTLE INDIA are :

1) Shiv Sagar:

Having outlets in many cities and the first country it opened it was Mumbai, shiv sagar is the very old and famous multicuisine pure vegetarian restaurant that can be found by one easily in Singapore at 52 race course rd Singapore. The taste of food in there is just mouth watering, especially if you only eat veg and have already found it difficult to eat in Singapore. When I went there I ordered papdi chaat which was just like it was made in India, then was pav bhaji which was ok, Hakka noodles which made me cry having noodles after so long, dal makhani and roti, and not to forget the very necessary dosa. After all this, we ordered brownie which acted as the cherry on the top of very delicious Indian vegetarian food in Singapore. Hence if you are craving for good Indian vegetarian food in Singapore then shiv sage is a must visit in there.

one can track shiv star in Singapore on this link

2) Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant:

next comes the Gokul vegetarian restaurant in Singapore at 19 upper Dickson road. gokul restaurant thus being located at little India offers a great variety and taste in Indian vegetarian food.

3) MTR:

MTR is another well-known restaurant at 438 Serangoon road offering the great Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. If you ask anyone for Indian Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore, one will definitely say MTR.

4) Kailash Parbat restaurant:

Kailash part restaurant is an authentic Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, where one can find every possible Indian special dish in there that too at a pocket-friendly price. Thus it is a must visit an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore if one is missing Indian food and aroma.

5) Ananda Bhavan restaurant:

Ananda Bhavan restaurant is the oldest and the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. it is located at 95 Syed awl road and having many more outlets too within Singapore.

6) Komalas villas restaurant:

komalas is another Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore having great ambiance and offering great Indian food at a reasonable price.

7) Saravana Bhavana:

we all are familiar with Saravana Bhavan restaurant and its very famous south Indian food in Delhi. one can find this famous vegetarian restaurant in Singapore too and satisfy their hunger for good south Indian food.

8) Punjabi  grill:

The Punjabi grill is one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore located at very posh area galleria level, the shops at marina bay has food items from Peshawar, Kabul, Lahore, Amritsar and many different cultural dishes in the menu. Hence this restaurant is highly recommended for anyone and everyone especially if one is a Punjabi food lover. Trust me this restaurant won’t disappoint you.

I hope these post help vegetarians and tourists in Singapore.

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