6 Must try winter sweet dishes

daulat ki chaat



Daulat li chaat must be a very new term for I guess a majority of people, but it is one of the must-have winter sweet dishes for each and every one. Daulat ki Chaat is an Indian sweet dish available at every corner of Chandni Chowk. Daulat ki chaat is a magical sweet dish made out of continuous churning of milk and cream.The froth that is formed after churning is served to people with saffron, khoya, and powdered sugar added in it.It is so soft and light that it actually just melts in the mouth, leaving behind a trail of light creamy and sweet texture.It is available for a pretty short period of time, so before it disappears from the market grab, one guys. If anyone of you has ever tasted this magical winter sweet dish, must be knowing that it’s not just the recipe but something more of effort and expertise that ancestors generation had in their hands and is only available at Chandni Chowk in Delhi.So, guys if you haven’t tried this one of the best sweet dishes available out there just plan a trip to Chandni Chowk and have one.

daulat ki chaat winter sweet

daulat ki chaat

2. Gajar ka halwa:
Gajar ka halwa is a very old, famous and most liked winter sweet dish among Indians. For any person living or belonging to Delhi, winters mean gajar ka halwa feast.Basically, it is made by placing the grated carrot in a pot with milk, sugar, ghee, and khoya in that and is made after long hours of cooking and stirring it continuously. After being cooked it is served hot with dry fruits on top of it. As soon as winters arrive, every sweet shop and hallwai shops are loaded with gajar ka halwa, as it is from one of the top favorite winter sweet dishes in India.I know every one of you must have tasted this super Indian winter sweet dish, but if you haven’t just go right now and give yourself a really good sweet treat.

gajar ka halwa


Gajak is a very popular and well-known winter sweet dishes made of jaggery, ghee, sesame seeds and a lot of variety being available with different variations of them. As the winters arrive people just grab on their favourite gajak from the nearby vendors and enjoy cold winters.It is thus in the top list of winter delicacies.


4. Ladoo:
I am damn sure after hearing about ladoo everyone’s mouth must be watering to have one. Every one of you might be very much familiar with ladoo. Ladoo is a very familiar Indian sweet dish available not only in winters but all the 12 months of the year and is loved by everyone too. There are many variants of ladoo like besan, till, atta, methi, gond and many many more. Though available for a whole year, they are most preferred during winters as the dry fruits, ghee, and sugar included in them gives a warm and cozy feeling during winters.

winter sweet dishes

5. Ice Cream:
Yes, you are right, ice cream. Who does not like ice cream in winters, I guess no one. Ice creams are the favorite part to enjoy winters. Recently I just tried a new ice cream shop in Saket and I want to share my experience with you all. The name of the shop from is Fruktville: the shop is very new and the variety of ice creams available there is very wide. Ice creams there are fruit flavored and are made very hygienically. So if you are an ice cream lover during winters, must try fruktvilee ice creams to boost you sweet buds.


ice cream

6.Cakes, Cookies, and Waffles:
 Winters bring with them our very favorite Christmas and new year and with Christmas and new year celebration comes a wide variety of delicious cakes, pastries, and cookies. Without cakes and pastries, Christmas and new year are incomplete, the very famous plum cake is very much loved by people during Christmas. With some years along with pastries cakes and cookies a new variant is also added to the list that is waffles, yes waffles nowadays is among the trending winter sweet dishes list. A large no of waffle shops have in opened in Delhi in quite some time. So just go to a party for Christmas and enjoy winter delicacies too.


christmas cakes

 Thus, out of soo many winter sweet dishes being available in the market, especially during winters, these 6 are a must have as these are being available during this short period of winters only. Therefore, before winter and these famous sweets disappear, treat yourself and enjoy the cold winter days.
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