A Quick Guide On How To Make Stuffed Peppers


How to make stuffed peppers

How to make stuffed peppers is one of the easiest and delicious recipe one can try on during summers. During summers it’s easy to get colorful capsicums/ bells peppers on the market. Also, stuffed capsicum is a very healthy vegetable to consume.
How to make stuffed peppers are thus my personal favorite for night dinner menu when I am in a mood to try a new version of food in less time.
stuffed capsicum/stuffed peppers can be made in infinite ways according to one,s own taste and in no time.
Stuffed capsicums are thus best served with rice, roti or can have as a snack alone.

Here is a simple step by step recipe for how to make stuffed peppers at home. You can modify the stuffing according to personal taste and mood.

STEP 1 :
firstly take 5-6 bell peppers/capsicums of different colors and cut the upper part along with inside white stem and wash.
after cutting the capsicums and washing them as shown below, keep the capsicums aside to dry.

how to make stuffed peppers

STEP 2 :
now we are ready to make the yummy stuffing for how to make stuffed peppers recipe.
To make the stuffing, heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, then add 1 big chopped onion and cook until onions turn golden brown. now add chopped tomatoes and 1 boiled potato to the mixture. one can replace potato with paneer. now add salt to taste, red chili, dhaniya, and cook tills the paste is thick and smooth.


STEP 3 :
now let the mixture cool down
STEP 4 :
after the mixture is cooled down, fill the cut capsicums with the stuffing made.

how to make stuffed peppers

STEP 5 :
after filling the capsicums with the stuffing, take a large fry pan and grease it properly.
after greasing it, add 1 tbsp oil and jeers into it.
after jeera turns brown, place the stuffed capsicums carefully inside the pan and put the lid for 5-10 min.

how to make stuffed peppers

STEP 6 :
once the capsicums are baked and the outer crust is soft, they are ready to be served.


how to make stuffed peppers

the filling inside this how to make stuffed peppers recipe can be made with rice or can be made with cheese and many more innovative ideas one can think of.

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