MUMBAI : City Of Dreams “Travel Places In Mumbai”

travel places in mumbai

MUMBAI: City of Dreams

Travel Places In Mumbai

A very happy new year guys.I hope this new year bring all the success and happiness in all your life.

With THIS NEW YEAR, I am gonna share my first travel blog with all.

This travel blog is about my trip from Delhi to Mumbai, telling you about good travel places in Mumbai and have a great time.

We all know that Mumbai is a city of dreams, yes Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, it is the most happening city to live in.In spite of being densely populated, this city of dreams: Mumbai is a great place to explore and rejuvenate oneself. As I have a friend from Delhi living in this great city, this new year I decided to visit the city and enjoy its beauty. With this travel blog, I will be sharing my 3 day trip from Delhi to Mumbai.Also, I will be sharing the top travel places in Mumbai and food to explore.

mumbaitravel places in mumbai   My journey from Delhi to Bombay started by taking an early morning flight from Indira Gandhi terminal.After 3 hours approximate journey, I finally reached Mumbai.

Some top travel places in Mumbai that I managed to visit on my 3-day trip are :

  1. Marine Drive: Yes marine drive, is the most happening, important and definitely my among favorite travel places in Mumbai if you have been to the city.Marine drive is a 3.6 km long c shaped boulevard in south Mumbai. It is the top attractions in Mumbai, as you will find the place soo lively to sit and see the sunset in there. Sitting in the corner and enjoying the sunset into the sea along with that enjoying Chowpatty bhel, samosa, and tea gives immense pleasure to one. I went to Marine Drive at around 10 pm at night on my very first day to Mumbai darshan.I too found the place to be immensely lively, energetic and great to sit for hours and go deep down in your thoughts.So yes, if you visit Mumbai, spending a day at marine drive is a must.
2. Carter Road: The Carter Road Promenade is a 1.25 km long walkway along the sea are in western Mumbai. It is a great place to stop by and have pleasure seeing the sea. One can have great long walk in there and also enjoy great food being available.

Carter road mumbai

3.Powai: Powai is the poshest area in northeast Mumbai situated on the banks of Powai Lake.As I was there in Powai after Christmas, it just great to see lighting and decorations at the place. The place is filled with great shopping and food outlets and is very lively.Powai for me was my favorite to visit.Powai is thus no doubt one of the poshest areas of Mumbai to live in.I went to Powai for a great dinner in restaurant Fatty Bao(the review of which I will be sharing in my food blog) and then a very sweet dessert from dunking donuts.From Powai only I went directly to enjoy my night at Marine Drive.


dunking donuts    travel places in mumbai

4. Bandra road: Despite telling you what Bandra road is, which I too have no idea about, I visited Bandra hill road to shop, as the place is most popular for its shopping area.bandra road is again very crowded but offers good stuff to shop from.
5.lokhandwala: Lokhandwala though being a residential area in Mumbai, is a good place to shop from.I went Lokhandwala to meet some friends residing there and enjoy the shopping and food in there.

brownie sizzler

6. Prithvi cafe: Prithvi cafe though not a must visit place in Mumbai but offers great food and is placed outside the very old and famous Prithvi theatre. The cafe is famous among youngsters for its great food under beautiful decorations.I went to have a brunch at Prithvi Cafe on 31st December.As I am a real foodie, I waited for 45 min to get a table at this cafe, and for me, it was worth waiting for as the food was great.At this very famous restaurant, we tried mixed paratha which was omg so damn good in taste and very filling, I can eat that paratha every other day like seriously.We also had pao bhaji, which was fine with taste and then was a cutting chai and hazelnut ice tea for beverages.

Pao Bhaji Prithvi Cafe  Prithvi Theatre

Therefore, from my journey from Delhi to Mumbai, these were some top travel places in Mumbai.Other than the top highlights of the city of dreams: Mumbai, I also loved the great street food of Mumbai that was cutting chai and samosa pao, it was so delicious that I ate it twice for my first-day visit.I also loved the fact about the city that there were no rickshaws and only autos which were actually called as rickshaws in Mumbai. The way rickshaws bhaiya dressed up was great (hehe).Overall the city is truely a City Of Dreams and also the city that never sleeps.

places to visit in mumbai

cutting chaiThere is a lot more to Mumbai that I wasn’t able to explore due to time shortage but surely I will be covering all of it very soon.

Hence, after visiting Mumbai I am just in love with the city and seriously don’t wanna come back.


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